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  Mountains of the Moon designer Melissa Baswell was one of five Chicago-based designers mentioned in Second City Style's April 2nd piece on Dresses Week, a
week-long event at
Pivot Boutique that featured over 50 different eco-friendly dress designs, including our
Coco Dress for Spring/Summer '09.
Melissa Baswell in Second City Style 

Mountains of the Moon on TreeHugger TreeHugger, the premier online presence for all that is sustainable,  featured Mountains of the Moon in their October 10th Fashion+Beauty section, stating:

"Designer Melissa Baswell's Chicago-based Mountains of the Moon clothing line, with classic lines that rise above fashion trends and an eminent mix-and-matchability, will soon be your new old favorites."

  Mountains of the Moon in the GreenSet
  The Green Set: Eco-Fashion for the Eco-Conscious calls Mountains of the Moon's clothing "simple and versatile wardrobe staples that you can keep
forever" and states "They are really what green fashion is all about."

  Mountains of the Moon in Eco Diva 
  In their March 3rd issue, Eco Diva: Ethical Luxury calls Mountains of the Moon "an emerging eco-friendly clothing line cleverly combines the features style, luxury and sustainability. "

  In their January 9th Fashion entry, Stuff to Love calls our 100% organic cotton Larkin Dress in plum a cheery year round dress, stating "this dress is good at any time of the year with either tights or flip flops.  It is made out of organic cotton and comes in a ton of colors."


York University's Institute for Research & Innovation in Sustainability says about Mountains of the Moon:  "Definitely some of the best-looking eco-clothes out there. Not just your plain boring old hemp t-shirts, the clothes are actually cut to be flattering. They mimic high fashion considerably well."  
Mountains of the Moon in Stuff to Love

  Mountains of the Moon on White Apricot
  White Apricot: Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle for the Eco and Socially Conscious features the  Mountains of the Moon Edie Dress in their October 22nd piece Watching Your Wallet - 10 Fabulous Eco Fashion Finds for Less than $100,
calling it "kind of mod, kind of chic."

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